Underbore Services

Underbore Pty Ltd is proficient in the following areas and offer befitting services and works accordingly:

  • Under road thrust boring is carried out to enable efficient connections for power, telecommunication, water, sewage and gas services
  • Horizontal directional drilling is carried out for up to 120 meters in length to a diameter of 400mm
  • Our thrust boring technology is capable of boring up to 60 meters in length to a diameter 700mm
  • Our under road thrust boring or horizontal directional drilling under driveways enables laying of irrigations conduits

The Principal services provided by Underbore include:

This is our Excavations and rock preaking equipmet we use.

Underbore has a locally run workshop which offers the following services:

  • Fitting and Machining
  • Enhancements and maintenance
  • Fabrication
  • Milling and machining for mining, earthmoving and drilling industries
  • The boring techniques are adapted to and literally made for the Northern Territory ground conditions and for this, we use these precision-oriented, special tools and equipment like:
    • Drill bits
    • Back Reamers
    • PDC rock bits
    • Auger rock boring tooling

Locally run and maintained equipment:

  • Backhoe
  • Rock Breaker
  • Directional Drill rig
  • Mini Pit Borer
  • Bed Borer
  • Beavertail Truck
  • Trailer/water car
  • F5 Locator

The Underbore services in detail

Under Road Thrust Boring

Thrust Boring is a very cost-effective way of drilling that is reliable and perfect in conditions where access isn’t easy and only a little space is available.

Thrust boring is relied on when only single duct installations need to be carried out. Thrust boring, is usually undertaken by inserting an auger that is outfitted with a cutting head within a 200mm to 1500mm diameter steel pipe.

And Underbore Pty Ltd is proficient and experienced in this type of drilling and excavations.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

HDD Drilling or Horizontal Directional Drilling is also referred to as Directional Boring or Directional Drilling. Horizontal Directional Drilling or Horizontal Bore Drilling is extremely precise, accurate and exact. This type of drilling be it, HDD or even Horizontal Bore Drilling has no adverse impact whatsoever to the immediate, surrounding areas, say in the Darwin roundabouts or any other suburb.

Drilling happens in a trenchless manner, by installing an underground conduit, pipe or even a cable that can be steered into a shallow arc and follows a set drilling or bore able pathThis is facilitated by a drilling rig, following a three-step process, which includes the Pilot Hole, Pre-Reaming and Pipe Pullback.

If you’re looking for a Drilling Company who undertakes Horizontal Directional Drilling, Pipeline Boring, Directional Boring and more, then contact the specialists in the Darwin, Northern Territory area - Underbore Pty Ltd.

Rock breaking

Using a hydraulic driven Rock Breaker we are able to manipulate large rocks, including reducing large rocks into smaller rocks. This is ideal piece of equipment for the Northern Territory due to its high level of rock content, we utilise this method for digging swimming pools, excavating trenches, excavating entry and exit pits for drilling works.


Excavation is a way of clearing the space or creating space, whichever way you deem fit. If you need land clearing done or as part of a demolition or if the area is rocky and uneven, excavations may be needed to clear the place and remove any impediments or obstructions that are present there.

Underbore carries out excavation works for many clients’ based on their requirements. It could be to facilitate new construction, to erect a building, or a revamp or to lay pipes and cables.