Non-Destructive Under Slab Digging

Non-Destructive Under Slab Digging

As a property owner, you often find important things breaking—for instance, the water or electrical feed to your home or business.

The problem with this type of damage is that the previous repair options were expensive and limited.

In the past, to repair a broken water pipe under a driveway or road was hard. The only option you had was to close the road or driveway and then get the excavator or digging team in. They would then smash your beautiful and expensive driveway, and path, then dig a hole to patch the pipe or cable.

Then after the repair, the contractors would lay new pavers or concrete to cover the hole. This then causes all types of issues with matching new with old. This type of matching is pretty much impossible.

Also, it leaves a patch that could cause problems in the future, meaning you would have to go through the disruption a second time.

Non-Destructive Under Ground Repairs of water pipes and electrical

Non-Destructive Under Ground Repairs

Underbore Darwin has developed a process where we replace the whole section of the damaged pipe and make it better than before—leaving the overlying slab untouched and undamaged.

The beauty of this type of repair is savings. It saves time, money and damage. Not to mention it replaces an underground join with a complete solid section.

This type of repair is better because it lasts longer and replaces an entire old section giving you a much better result. The best thing to remember about the Underbore solution is that the driveway, road or footpath remain untouched.

non invasive repair of water and electrical infrastructure in Darwin

Uses For Non-destructive Horizontal Drilling

Replace The Water Main to House

One of the main places for water leaks is the pipe between the water mains and the feed into the house or property. This small section is the responsibility of the owner and used to be problematic and expensive to repair. We have taken that complication and disruption and made the solution simple.

We disconnect the water pipe and run an underground bore along the old pipe, cutting out the pipe and leaving a smooth hole to house the new water line. We don't just replace a small section; we replace the whole piece. We then back fill using a quality super stable material to smoothly embed the pipe.

We do all of the above without touching the road or driveway. This leaves practically no trace of a broken pipe and no change to the overlying structure.

The easy way to Connect Electricity and Internet cabling

Another use for our horizontal system boring system , is to lay electrical or internet cable. This is perfect for an underground break, but more importantly, it's an easy way to take overhead wires and send it underground to your house.

Imagine finally removing those unsightly overhead wires. You can economically retrofit these wires and send them underground without any trace or the work. Or damage to your existing infrastructure.

Non-invasive Storm Water drains

Non-invasive Storm Water drains

One of the most important things in the Northern Territory is stormwater. More specifically, stormwater runoff. My boring system offers you an easy to implement way to pipe the water away. I take your water problems and horizontally bore a hole to provide a path for your excess water without damaging your property.

Under Driveway and Road Horizontal Drilling

Under Driveway and Road Horizontal Drilling

If you need a utility run under important infrastructure, then you need to find a cost-effective and time-saving solution that's where Underbore comes in.

Our horizontal boring is innovative and cost effective saving you time money and stress.

Contact us today to get your water flowing, or your power protected fast.